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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How To Make Your Own Green Tea!

Discover How To Make Your Own Green Tea!
"I Guarantee That My Tea Will Make You Lose More Weight, Feel WAY Better, & Prevent More Harmful Diseases Than ANY Tea Treatment On The Planet!"

I know what you're thinking - tea? Really? You've probably seen the commercials or read the reports on this fascinating and worldwide trend in personal healing and weight loss...

I'm hear today to show you that it's all TRUE, however the only thing that these diet companies and green tea manufacturers don't want you to know, is that you can MAKE YOUR OWN magic green tea that's EVEN MORE POWERFUL than their stuff, and safer too.

If you're trying to get healthy, increase your blood circulation, get your heart beating properly, enhance your energy, and lose weight like it's nobody's business, then you MUST read this page, otherwise you're going to get suckered and scammed into the next site you look at or go back to look at... Green4Tea is the perfect all-in-one solution for SO many problems, in fact just off the top of my head, here are a few of the vital benefits various green tea's offer: Continue >>

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our New Body Transformation System Ignite 15

Looking forward to your summer?

Like most of us who live through the four season of the year, we cannot wait for summer to come. No more cold days, huddle in the house, being inactive, breathing stale air. When spring arrives we start to shed the winter layers only to realize, we added more then just extra layers of clothes, we also added some extra pounds!

Nothing more frustrating then to realize our inactivity and comfortable relaxation was easier not to notice when we had all those baggy clothes on - but now it's time to get the summer wardrobe out and to our dismay - it doesn't fit as well as it use too. Like the freshman '40', we let our inactivity get the best of us. What's worse, summer is just around the corner!

Well we knew what caused it and we know what we need to do, but if you are like me, we want to get ourselves ready for the beach and do it FAST! Now I am not talking about taking drastic steps to lose that 10-20 pounds of extra body weight - no "banding" here - we know it will take some effort on our part to get that weight off. The first step is to have a plan ... a goal that you can commit to, to get you back to that fighting form by the time we slip into our new bathing suits. But where do we start?

There are a lot of "systems" out there that can help you achieve your goals, but it takes the right system and the right commitment on your part to get this happening. The first thing we need to do, after we have set our goal, is to stoke the fire ... rev up that metabolism!

If you have the self discipline to exercise, eat right and stay active - you probably don't need to read any further ... you've already figured it out and probably didn't gain that much over the winter - But for the rest of us, we need help and FAST!

Over 2/3 of North Americans are overweight or obese and the number is growing everyday! We don't need to mention the impact on your health or the health care cost related to this disturbing trend. But we can control how we look after our needs and the needs of our family, it's all about the choice we make each and everyday.
Ignite that metabolism

I came across an incredible system about a month ago, that combines the tools needed to get the weight off fast and keep it off - it fires up your metabolism and makes you a fat burning machine. It is all planned out for you - all you have to is follow the plan ... you can do that ... right? Well maybe you need more help?

I always find it helpful to get a partner or two to join me in my goal, that way I am accountable not only to myself, but the people joining me on the quest for better health. So let's take a look at the system ...

The Ignite 15 Body Transformation System is designed to provide you with the products and nutrition you need to ignite your metabolism and turn your body into fat-burning machine within 24-48hrs, and not like in a couple of weeks like nearly all the weight loss systems and diet programs on the market do.

The Ignite 15 Body Transformation System consists of four products that work synergistically together to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

* Power Up™ – A.M. thermogenic action that will increase your resting metabolism so your body is burning more fat 24/7.
* BodyTrim™ – Appetite suppressant that will help to stabilize your blood sugar level so you have good even energy through out the day.
* Shake Down™ – Meal Replacement Shake; the protein to support your muscle tissue and enable you to get a higher metabolism so you can lose weight very quickly.
* Power-Down™ – P.M. Cleansing Formula that will get rid of all the plague and toxins collecting on your colon wall so that your body can actually absorb all the nutrients better

The Ignite 15 Body Transformation System

With this system, I like to say ... Ready, Aim, Fire and IGNITE Your Metabolism!

The Ignite 15 Body Transformation System is an easy-to-follow eating plan that's designed to help you rev up your metabolism so you can lose weight faster. It's protein-intense to help you build muscle--which burns more calories than fat. Plus, there are no point values to calculate and no calories to count--so you can focus on reaching your ideal, healthy weight!*

* Start and end the day with a high protein meal, completing your meal by 7pm to allow your body to digest, absorb, reset and replenish for optimal health.*
* Drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily to detoxify and keep your body functioning optimally.*
* Eat about half your body weight in grams of protein daily to help build fat-burning muscle.*

The Short Term Benefits ...

* Burn more calories from fat and build muscle!*
* Start looking better and feeling better within days!*
* Learn how to take it off and keep it off!*

The Long Term Benefits ...

* Develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime!*
* Learn how to use mini course corrections to counteract holidays and binge eating weekends!*
* Say 'goodbye' to yo-yo diets - forever!*

So if this sounds like a program you would like to try, visit the IGNITE 15 website for all the details, you can also order the IGNITE 15 System online by clicking here

Here's to a healthy and happy summer, enjoy showing off the new and improved YOU! Don't be afraid to share your before and after pics - love to see your accomplishments! GET IGNITE 15 BODY TRANSFORMATION SYSTEM

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to Build Ripped, Shredded Muscle Fast With Out Any Fat

What is the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer?

There is nothing like the SMM anywhere. Period

The SMM is a truly customized, unique, anabolic approach to nutrition. The SMM is breakthrough nutritional software that when combined with proper weight training, packs-on pure shredded muscle in record time without any fat. It is designed to explode you through any muscle building plateau while staying lean and turning heads 365 days a year!

How does it work?

The SMM is EXACT and tailors anabolic nutrition for you in every way possible using 4 patented formulas. These 4 formulas took years of testing and tweaking with world renowned nutritionists, fitness models and big time bodybuilders to perfect. The SMM customizes the nutrition to everything about you; your age, weight, height, and metabolism. Most importantly, the SMM customizes the nutrition to your somatotype and your weight training regimen. The SMM specifically allocates your calories and macronutrients throughout the day DEPENDING on when or if you’re working out. You will give your body exactly what it needs, when it needs it to build muscle without fat. The SMM customizes your exact pre and post workout needs and takes advantage of the 2 anabolic windows you have every day that will take you from skinny to jacked in a hurry. On your off day’s from the gym, your recovery nutrition is custom structured to repair and rebuild broken down muscle tissue quickly. Using unique calorie and macronutrient shifting techniques your muscle recovery is extremely rapid and muscle soreness is often 100 % eliminated. The SMM provides easy to understand charts and graphs that track your transformation progress and will make sure you are on the fastest pace possible to your new, leaner, more muscular physique.

What if I don’t know my somatotype?

Don’t worry! I walk you through step by step how to determine your somatotype in the program.

Who is SMM for? Who is it not for?

The SMM was made for the real weight trainer, not guys who want to half-heartedly workout or the weekend warrior. The SMM is for the guy that’s dead serious about creating a physique that demands respect, turns heads and separates them from the pack. That being said, The SMM can greatly benefit beginning weight trainees if they are ready and able to work hard in the gym and follow the SMM’s nutritional guidelines.

What if I don’t like the foods I’m supposed to eat?

Good question. You’de be out of luck with a lot of programs out there, BUT not with the SMM! You see, the nutritional content of your meal is the most important thing. The SMM loads 3 customized meal plans for you to choose from each day that meets your nutritional requirements, BUT it also lets you build your own meal plan or make substitutions if you want. The SMM has a data base of almost 1400 different foods that you can select from to help you meet the nutritional requirement of a particular meal. There are numerous foods you can choose from for any meal to give your body the nutrition it needs to build lean muscle without fat.

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Yes, it is completely and totally safe! Your online order will be passed through a secure connection and this means that your credit card information cannot be accessed by anyone. The merchant ClickBank is used to process all orders. ClickBank is the most popular and trusted credit card processor on the Internet and uses the strongest security and anti-fraud features available in the world.

In addition to this, they never store your financial data in their system. Your credit card information is directly processed to the bank, and they are the only ones who have access to this information.

What if I don’t know my way around the computer well? I’m scared of ordering something I don’t know how to use!

I absolutely suck at techi stuff myself, so believe me when I tell you, getting started is EXTREMELY easy. I will see you on the next page and take you through how to download the programs step by step. Trust me, it’s not hard at all. I promise!

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Well, if you follow the SMM it is absolutely impossible that it won’t work for you! That being said, if for you’re not happy for whatever reason, send me an email and you’ll be issued a prompt 100% refund. I want to give you every reason to start getting your new, head turning body today and I don’t want you to risk a penny to do so. I will take all of the risk.

This should be the easiest decision of your life.
You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Let's get started.

Green Tea Demonstrates Benefits

Green Tea Demonstrates Benefits

For Managing Body Weight and
Fat, According To A New
Laboratory-Controlled Study

Green Tea is a Naturally-
Potent Source of
Antioxidants, Carotenoids,
Phytochemicals Known
To be Valuable For
Supporting Cardiovascular
Health, Immune Function
and Weight Management...

Consistently Supported by
Scientific Research

Laboratory subjects consuming green tea along with
a high fat diet gained less body weight and accumulated
less fat than animals not supplemented with tea, says a
new study.

Consuming the equivalent of five to eight cups of green
tea a day was associated with a 5.6 percent decrease
in body weight gain, and a 17.8 percent decrease in fat

accumulation over eight weeks, according to findings
published in Nutrition Research.

The researchers also noted a decrease in protein
digestion following green tea consumption, report researchers from Poznan University in Poland.
"Although both 1.1 and 2.0 percent green tea

aqueous extract doses improved cardiovascular risk
indicators, they, in addition, inhibited protein digestion,"

report the researchers.

"For that reason, results obtained in our study indicate
some difficulties in reconciling the high effectiveness

in prevention of cardiovascular risk factors with low
influence on dietary protein digestion," they added.

Tea Facts

The majority of science on tea has looked at green
tea, with benefits reported for reducing the risk of
Alzheimer's and certain cancers, improving
cardiovascular and oral health, as well as aiding
in weight management.

Green tea contains between 30 and 40 per cent of
water-extractable polyphenols, while black tea (green
tea that has been oxidized by fermentation) contains
between 3 and 10 per cent. Oolong tea is semi-
fermented tea and is somewhere between green and
black tea. The four primary polyphenols found in fresh tealeaves are epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG),
epigallocatechin, epicatechin gallate, and epicatechin.

The new study adds to the potential weight management
effects of green tea.

Study Details

Researchers fed laboratory-controlled animals a high-fat
diet, supplemented with 1.1 and 2.0 percent green tea
extract for eight weeks. Results showed that the subjects

had significantly lower measures of atherogenesis of
about 14.3 percent, compared to non-supplemented

In additions to the improvements in body weight and
decreased fat accumulation for the 2 percent green tea

group, the researchers noted that both green tea groups
displayed a reduction in digestion of protein of about 17
percent, compared with about 7 percent in the high fat
fed animals only.

"It was concluded that green tea extract may have
preventive effects on the accumulation of visceral fat but

only in higher doses," wrote the researchers. "Although
both doses improved cardiovascular risk indicators, they,
in addition, significantly inhibited protein digestion."

Source: Nutrition Research

Volume 31, Issue 2, Pages 157-164

"Green tea aqueous extract reduces visceral fat
and decreases protein availability in rats fed with
a high-fat diet"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fruit Sugar vs Refined Sugar

Fruit Sugar vs Refined Sugar

fructose vs sucrose 150x150 Fruit Sugar vs Refined SugarWhat’s the difference between fruit sugar (or fructose) and refined sugars (or sucrose)?

Is there even a difference at all? After all they are both sugar, doesn’t that mean your body doesn’t care or notice the difference? Well there are some differences you should know about it. All sugars (and sugar substitutes) are not the same.

There are a bunch of scientific terms and explanations, but it basically comes down to glycemic index and nutrients. Plain refined sugar has been stripped of the nutrients and fruit sugar hasn’t. Glycemic index in it’s most simple explanation is how fast it gets absorbed by your body. (That’s not quite correct, but it will give you the idea behind it.) Your body works harder and slows down the absorption of the sugar when it is fructose (or natural sugar). That means it has a lower glycemic index (the lower it is the less negative impact it has on your body) It’s why diabetics are told to have low glycemic foods.

This is important, because sugar spikes are what happen if you get too much sugar in your body at once. Your body doesn’t know what to with it all. You get a short rush and then crash, because you can’t keep up with it. Your body is not meant to get it like that.

Sugar is an important part of energy drinks because sugar is what our bodies need to keep going. But our bodies use glycogen and glucose, not sucrose or even fructose. Glycogen comes from from glucose. Glucose is what your body uses right now. Glycogen is short term storage of glucose. It turns into that with the help of insulin (which your body makes properly unless you are diabetic or hypoglycemic. Too much insulin and you are hypoglycemic, too little you are diabetic). There is a limit to the amount of storage we have for both glycogen and glucose. If there isn’t enough space, it turns into long term energy storage (which is fat).

Fruit sugars break down into sucrose and glucogen, slowing the process. It spreads it out. Your body doesn’t even use the fructose unless there is an immediate need for energy and then it has to be processed by the liver. The rest is stored as glycogen in the muscles and liver. Sucrose (or refined sugars) break down into glucose which spikes because it starts immediate insulin production. Basically fructose takes a longer route and keeps your body in balance and refined sugar (or sucrose) knocks it out of balance.

Fructose gives the same energy/calories, but keeps your body in sync, puts less stress on it and is healthier for you.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Top 5 Reasons for Cold Therapy

How do you know if you should be using cold therapy?

For the purpose of this article, I will be focusing on Cold Therapy…we’ll get to hot therapy in a future article.
The first thing I would always recommend is that you check with your physician to be sure you’re using the proper therapy for your condition. Using the inappropriate hot versus cold therapy can actually cause even further tissue damage.

Let me start with some basic reasons why you may want to use cold therapy and then I’ll briefly go into some of the reasons why ice therapy can be helpful.

Top 5 Reasons for Cold Therapy

1. Pain Relief
2. Reduction of Swelling
3. Reduction of Blood Loss
4. Reduction of Muscle Spasms
5. Reduction of Cell Death

We Can Help with all your Cold Therapy.

Pain relief is probably the most common use of Ice Therapy. There are several different theories as to why cold therapy is so effective for relieving pain. Like blood flow, cold seems to also slow down the electrical impulses going to your brain telling you you’re in pain. It also seems to raise the body’s threshold to tolerate pain possibly by the release of extra endorphins (the body’s natural pain reliever).

The reduction in swelling and blood loss is pretty much controlled by the same process. Cold causes the blood vessels to contract (narrow). Since excessive blood flow to the injured area causes swelling, just like a cut or a bloody nose, narrowing of the blood vessels themselves will reduce the amount of blood getting to the area of concern, thus a reduction in swelling and or bleeding.

When talking about muscle spasms, generally you think of heat, however cold can also be very effective in reducing spasms! In a number of cases, pain is actually the cause of a muscle spasm so by reducing the pain, you also reduce the muscle spasm.

As for the cell death, when you have an acute injury, cold therapy can reduce the rate of cell death by reducing the need for oxygen to the affected area by slowing down the metabolic rate.

Obviously, this is a very brief explanation and does not encompass all of the factors involved, hopefully it’s given you a little better understanding of what cold therapy can be used for and why it can be helpful.

Let us Help with all your Cold Therapy Needs.