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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Great GONE Testimony

Another Great GONE Testimony from one of our members in KS

Our friend Mike in KS, is one of our members in Entrenet, the Company that offers the Gone supplement that gets rid of inflammation which in turn relieves PAIN. Mike is a BIG TIME Bowler, and he was telling a lady and her Husband that he bowls with about Gone, and she agreed to try it.... below is her awesome testimony after taking the product!!

"I gave her the pills Saturday morning. She came to bowling alley yesterday morning (MONDAY). She was almost in tears she was so happy. Told her husband wanted to go running around she felt so good. Told me she wants to start going to gym exercising again,( which I advised her against for a couple of weeks).

Then she said was ordering her husband a bottle for his knees, he's having pain, when he bowls.

This was her problem.... A year ago she had back fusion (10 inch titanium rod fused in spine) since then constant pain so severe, her husband has to tie her shoes and help her get them on and off. Shes only 60 years old. She hurt all the time. Told me she didn't realize how good it felt, without constant pain..."

P.S. Mike also told us he is using the Momentum Grande "BIG MO" product and he says he LOVES it. BUT, do NOT take 2 capsules like he did the 1st time he took it LOL. He said it is "smooth" ENERGY and it is definitely CUTTING his APPETITE!, So, if you haven't yet, take a look at it as well.

We hope you are doing well. If you haven't placed your order for GONE, then we hope you will do so now.

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