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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Study Shows Building Muscle Doesn’t Require Lifting Heavy Weights

Current gym beliefs holds that to build muscle size
you need to lift heavy weights, however an important
new study demonstrates that effective, long-term muscle
building can also be achieved by using lighter weights,
more repetitions.

However, a new study conducted at McMaster University
has shown that a similar degree of muscle building can be
achieved by using lighter weights. The key factor to achieving
excellent results is to pump iron until you reach muscle fatigue.

The findings are published in PLoS ONE.

“Rather than grunting and straining to lift heavy weights, you
can grab something much lighter but you have to lift it until you
can’t lift it anymore,” says Stuart Phillips, associate professor of
kinesiology at McMaster University. “We’re convinced that
growing muscle means stimulating your muscle to make new
muscle proteins, a process in the body that over time accumulates
into bigger muscles.”

Phillips praised lead author and senior Ph.D. student Nicholas
Burd for masterminding the project that showed it’s really not the
weight that you lift but the fact that you get muscular fatigue that’s
the critical point in building muscle. The study used light weights
that represented a percentage of what the subjects could lift. The heavier weights were set to 90% of a person’s best lift and the light
weights at a mere 30% of what people could lift. “It’s a very light
weight,” says Phillips noting that the 90-80% range is usually
something people can lift from 5-10 times before fatigue sets in.
At 30%, Burd reported that subjects could lift that weight at least
24 times before they felt fatigue.

“We’re excited to see where this new paradigm will lead,” says
Phillips, adding that these new data have practical significance
for gym enthusiasts but more importantly for people with
compromised skeletal muscle mass, such as the elderly, patients
with cancer, or those who are recovering from trauma, surgery or
even stroke.
The lighter weight exercises can be achieved utilizing:
· Weight Machines
· Weight Training with Free Weights
· General Fitness Training

Journal Reference:
Low-Load High Volume Resistance Exercise Stimulates Muscle
Protein Synthesis More Than High-Load Low Volume Resistance
Exercise in Young Men. PLoS ONE, 2010;

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What Is Ganoderma?

Ganoderma The Wonder Mushroom (Herb) that Withstood the Test of Time in China for 4000 years. Now re-discovered by the Western World.

For over 4000 years Ganoderma Lucidum has been recognized by Chinese medical professionals as the highest ranked of all herbs found in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. The Chinese name for Ganoderma is Lingzhi, means “spiritual potency”. The Japanese name for Ganoderma is Reishi and is regarded as the King of Herbs. Dr. Shi-Jean Lee,the most famous Chinese medical doctor of the Ming Dynasty, strongly endorsed the effectiveness of Ganoderma in his famous book, Ban Chao Gang Moo (“Great Pharmacopoeia”). He stated that the “long-term taking of Ganoderma (Reishi) (Lingzhi) will build a strong, healthy body and assure a long life.”
Natural Log vs. Plastic Bag Ganoderma

Now there are many companies around the world attempting to harvest Ganoderma but BEFORE you purchase Ganoderma there are a few simple things things you need to know so you do not get fooled by cheaper imitations or artificial Gannoderma. Take a few seconds here to understand the difference between Natural Log Harvested Ganoderma and Plastic Bag Harvested Ganoderma. Now most Ganoderma available around the world is the “Plastic Bag” variety and you need to know Natural Log Harvested Ganoderma is MUCH more potent and effective because it is harvested in accordance to the laws of pure Nature… if you can find a 100% Certified OrGanic Log Harvested Ganoderma, well you may have just hit the biggest jackpot in your lifetime!

The NEXT thing you want to ask for is the Ganderma Spores. Companies who market “Plastic Bag” Ganoderma do not have the capabilities of producing spores because they harvest the Ganodrma in plastic bags and the natural phenomenon of spores does not occur. Be sure to ask if the Ganoderma is Plastic Bag or Natural Log Harvested and ALWAYS choose the Natural Log variety. It is said that Natural Log Harvest Ganoderma is the Closest thing to Nutritional Perfection found in Nature. So what’s that worth to your health? Try it TODAY, Your Body will Thank You!
The OrGano Gold Ganoderma Difference

OrGano Gold is the only Company in North America who has partnered with the largest 100% Certified OrGanic Ganoderma plantations in the world to bring this “Treasure of Life” to the people of the world. OrGano Gold and its partners celebrated the groundbreaking of their $240 million Gano Herb Industrial Park, making it the largest in the world.
How can you find some “Natural Log” Ganoderma?

Simply contact Jeremy Hawkins an independent OrGano Gold Distributor and I will step you through the process of becoming a Ganoderma customer or ask about the possibilities of becoming an OrGano Gold distributor and earn a lifetime of residual income for introducing this powerhouse of nutrition to people you know, love and trust. OrGano Gold, the World’s Leading Brand of 100% Certified OrGanic Ganoderma.

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