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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

WOW I Just Got Off The Phone With Tommy Web

It never fails Tommy always blows my mind about health: Today he shared with me how important Siver is, and why we need to be adding it everyday to our diet.

He shared with me that when we were born doctors used to put siver sitrate in our eys, and farmers used to put Silver in there milk to keep it from spoiling, and that all of our spoons, forks, knifes use to all be silver and know they have went to nickel, metal, copper, aluminum etc... But know with the Flu going around that this silver will help in all kind of ways.

That you can spay silver up your nose, that you can drop silver in your eyes like eye drops to help with infection or just to cleanse them out, I learned that a certain nasal spray collapse your airways. "WOW" And people are really addicted to this stuff, There is so much I learn every time I talk to Tommy Thanks Tommy

So I ordered my Silver-Max Today!

Recognized as an all Natural Mineral Supplement. Silver has been known for centuries as a natural product, effective against viral, bacterial, and fungal problems. Silver-Max is a micronutrient suspension of Silver in deionized water with no additives or coloring. This product is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and one of the most effective silver micronutrient products available. Great health benefits when used internally and externally.

Monday, September 28, 2009

If You Know Anyone Who Has Diabetes They HAVE TO See This Video


Common Name Purple Coneflower
Parts Used A juice is made from the above ground part of the plant. The root is commonly dried and available in capsule form.

Common Uses
Prevention and treatment of colds and flu.
Helps boost sluggish immune system.
Aids treatments of recurrent infections of the ears, respiratory tract and urinary tract.
Reduces recurrence of vaginal yeast infections

How Echinacea works

In a nutshell, Echinacea helps stimulate the immune system into action.
To do this it helps activate white blood cells and supports the production of interferon, an important part of our defense against viral infections which cause colds and flu.
As a result our immune system is stronger and we have a better defense against infections.

Suggested Use
Short term - As soon as you notice symptoms take 40 drops of juice or 2 capsules. Then 40 drops of juice or 1 capsule every 2 hours until you feel symptoms are lessening.

Long term (perhaps to boost immune system before the flu season begins)– Take 40 drops of juice or one capsule 3 or 4 times each day.

should not be taken continuously for more than 8 weeks, as after this time it’s immune boosting powers may lessen. A two week break is recommended before you start taking the herb again.

Side Effects There are no known side effects.
Safety Concerns
Echinacea should not be used by people with auto-immune illnesses, or systemic diseases such as tuberculosis and multiple sclerosis.

The current European monograph on herbs lists no contraindications for taking the expressed juice of Echinacea purpurea during pregnancy or lactation.
If you are allergic to flowers in the daisy family you should not take Echinacea.
The History of Echinacea

Natives Americans used Echinacea to treat snake bites, fevers and hard to heal wounds. .

It was first used by a U.S. medical practice in 1887 and quickly became very popular among the medical professionals. However, in the early part of this century it lost popularity and virtually disappeared from the U.S. medical scene

Echinacea was rediscovered in the 1930’s by Gerhard Madaus, a German doctor, and since then more than 200 journal articles have been written about this amazing purple wildflower.
It is now among the most popular herbal preparation in the United States and Europe.

Disclaimer: The information presented is for information purposes only. It is based on scientific studies or traditional usage. Consult a health care professional before using supplements or making any changes in prescribed medications. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Copyright© Vanguard Internet 1999-2005

Jeremy Hawkins

Saturday, September 26, 2009

GAME ON Weight Manament System.

The Problem:

With obesity increasing at an alarming rate worldwide, weight management is at the forefront of the current health care crisis. Excess weight affects people of all ages. 120 Million Americans over the age of 20 are overweight and a staggering 59 Million Americans over the age of 20 are obese! One in five children between the ages of 6 and 11 is overweight.

The medical community reports that excess weight directly affects the health and well-being of millions of Americans. Increased risk factors for conditions such as Cardiovascular Disease, Heart Disease, Liver Disease, Diabetes and Arthritis are directly related to excess weight. Yet, the problem just gets bigger and bigger!

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), “American society has become “obesogenic,” characterized by environments that promote increased food intake, non-healthful foods, and physical activity. Policy and environmental change initiatives that make healthy choices in nutrition and physical activity available, affordable, and easy will likely prove most effective in combating obesity.”

The Solution:

Let’s face it, your weight is not going to change unless you do something different. The solution starts with a solid commitment to losing weight with the goal to maintain a healthy weight. This commitment is often the hardest part but once you’ve made this important decision to take charge of your life and your health, you are well on your way to improved health and a better quality of life.

We suggest to keep a food diary to help make you aware of what you are eating. Being informed empowers you to make intelligent choices. You don’t have to give up great food to achieve your weight loss and health goals - many great foods are good for you! Avoid heavily processed foods such as potato chips, sugary snacks, fried foods, and soft drinks. Many energy drinks or soft drinks are loaded with refined sugar and caffeine, these simple carbohydrates are terrible for you. Make the decision to eliminate these types of foods from your daily life. Make each food choice a healthy one! Eat fresh, non-processed foods and , replace those daily burger meals and fries with a terrific chicken or Caesar salad. Replace sugar and calorie-laden drinks with healthy drinks. You’ll feel better and you won’t suffer from the dreaded “sugar crash”, which only perpetuates the downward spiral of your health.

Now put one foot in front of the other and get moving, moderate exercise is invigorating and healthful too! 10 to 15 minutes of moderate exercise each day is a great start. Take a walk, ride a bike, make time for yourself and take a pilates or yoga class it’s good for YOU! Moderate exercise is good for your body and your mind!

Maintaining your healthy weight is like balancing your check book or bank account. You can eat a specific number of calories per day to maintain your weight, exceed this number of calories and you could see your weight increase. To lose weight, consume less calories than this base line number or increase your activity level. Making better food choices and increasing your activity levels are great additions to your new healthy lifestyle.

The System:

Whether you are looking to lose those pesky 10 to 15 pounds that seemed to have been hanging around or more to get your old self back and on the road to optimal health, the Game On Weight Management System may be for you.

The Game On Weight Management System was developed by A.C.T. to help you achieve optimal health while boosting your energy, stamina, and vitality. This system is comprehensive and is designed to be used throughout your day and to help you achieve that healthy lifestyle and meet your healthy weight goals!

We want YOU to be the Biggest WINNER!

This Revolutionary System includes:

1. AM Power Up™: This is a "Thermogenic" formula exclusive to A.C.T. This proprietary formula was specifically developed to boost energy and metabolism. Simply take two capsules in the morning and mid-morning with at least 8 ounces of purified water to get your morning started and to Power Up your energy and thermogenesis to promote optimal metabolism.

2. Body Trim Drinks™: This great-tasting natural pink lemonade drink supports and promotes healthy weight and blood sugar levels with only 20 calories per drink. Body Trim™ comes in convenient "On The Go" Slim Packs that you can take with you easily. Simply add this amazing drink in place of a mid-morning snack. Great to drink during your workouts too! Body Trim™ is a terrific source of natural soluble fiber as well, helping to satisfy your appetite without adding a lot of calories.

3. FormuLeen™: A very unique and proprietary formula developed exclusively for A.C.T. Studies show that most adults are not getting enough soluble fiber in their daily diets. Soluble fiber helps maintain healthy weight, balanced blood sugar levels and healthy digestion. This exciting product has been deemed a "Stealth Food Fiber™" because when added to most foods, FormuLeen™ takes on the taste and texture of those foods. This amazing product has virtually no taste, but an actually accentuate the flavor of your favorite foods. Add FormuLeen™ to hot cereals, soups, salads, meat or pasta dishes, throughout your day. Taken as directed, FormuLeen™ adds an additional 7 grams of high tech Stealth Food Fiber™ to your daily diet.

4. ShakeDown™: A meal replacement protein shake that tastes great! Offered in Chocolate or Vanilla, ShakeDown™ was developed to shake down the weight, but reducing the amount of calories you consume. Simply replace one meal, such as lunch or dinner, with a delicious ShakeDown™ Meal Replacement Shake and a low calorie drink such as Body Trim™. It is a simple way to assist in portion control. ShakeDown™ contains 35% of the RDI of most essential vitamins and major minerals, while also providing 15 grams of the healthy protein your body needs.

5. PM Power Down™: A proprietary blend of gentle cleansing herbs that is an integral part of the Game On Weight Management System™. Many health professional believe optimal health begins with the digestive system. Power Down™ helps cleanse and purify the body by supporting detoxification of the digestive system. Simply take 1 to 2 capsules before bed with at least 8 ounces of purified cool water. Power Down™ helps your body cleanse and renew itself as you wind down from your busy day.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Energy Drinks | Are they a fad ?

Exhaustion in American's ...Angela Brooks is finding out why Americans are tired and what they can do to increase their energy; Though adults are affected far more than children are, it seems that even our kids are exhausted lately. It is important for adults to be aware of how fatigue can affect a child and what real exhaustion is.

Angela stated, "As a mother of 2 busy children whom are very active in sports and on the go, my husband and I were looking for something to help keep up with their busy schedules and our hectic work schedules. The ACT Energy Drink works very well for us and comes in ready to go pouches that I can add to water, juice or any drink I have with me for a lift in my mood and energy level." Angela also says, "My oldest child who plays in baseball and soccer can also drink the ACT for a boost and not worry about the sugar content (4 grams per 12 oz can) and only 26 calories."

Though adults are affected far more than children are, it seems that even our kids are exhausted lately. It is important for adults to be aware of how fatigue can affect a child and what real exhaustion is.

The word fatigue is used in everyday living to describe a range of afflictions, varying from a general state of lethargy to a specific work-induced burning sensation within one's muscles. It can be both physical and mental.

Physical fatigue or muscle weakness (or "lack of strength") is a direct term for the inability to exert force with ones muscles - literally being unable to function normally on a physical level.

Emotional exhaustion can come thru many avenues, such as stress, poor diet, unforgiveness, anger, hormones and other varying issues. Many times emotional exhaustion will tie into physical exhaustion and literally create a condition that looks like a serious medical complication.

Why are our kids exhausted and what is wrong with our nation with so many tired people? Could it be that after the rainbow has gone down and we've put so many tasks into our hours - we are now all struggling to keep up? Or is it a lack of fresh air, healthy diet and the reality of inactivity that makes matters worse?

The average adult acquires in one day 50% less activity than a generation just 40 years ago. With the invention of the computer, the car, motorized bikes, you name it - people just don't move around as much as they used to.

With an increase in heart disease, diabetes and even real medically documented fatigue we can see that there is a national epidemic of exhaustion that has occurred.

So many things call for our time and our attention on a daily basis this author often wonders if the barrage of over-stimulus and information is exhausting us all.

Prevention of such a health epidemic and crisis is in order. Maintenance of our bodies is as important as the maintenance of our automobiles. Our bodies allow us to work, to think, to have relationships - if we continue to strive through everyday, packing in more and more, eventually we all might crash.

There's an old saying that every American needs to learn and that is, "Take good care of yourself and you can then in turn care for someone else."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Omega 3 deficient, Essentials Fatty Acids

The typical North American diet consisting of large amounts of meat and little fish is deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, posing possible risks to infant neurological development, says new research.

This study, published this month in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, shows the potential of omega-3 supplementation and fortified foods aimed at pregnant and breastfeeding women.

It is just the latest of many studies showing the health benefits arising from the omega-3, a predominantly marine-sourced unsaturated fatty acid.

"Omega 3 fatty acids are important for the baby's developing eyes and brain," said Sheila Innis, head of the nutrition and metabolism program at the Child & Family Research Institute at BC Children's Hospital, and professor at the University of British Columbia.

"During pregnancy and breastfeeding, fat consumed by the mum is transferred to the developing baby and breastfed infant, and this fat is important for the baby's developing organs."


Women who ate lots of meat and little fish were found to be deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, and their babies did not perform as well on eye tests, reflecting a difference in brain development.

The researchers recruited 135 pregnant women and randomly assigned them to two groups. The first group was given an omega-3 fatty acid supplement, while the second took a placebo. All the women continued to ear their regular diets.

The supplement added the equivalent of two fatty fish meals per week, an amount the researchers estimated would prevent deficiency.

The women's blood samples were taken at 16 and 36 weeks of pregnancy and measured for the amount of docasohexaenoic acid (DHA), a type of omega-3 fatty acids known to be important for brain and eye function.

After the babies were born, the researchers did vision tests to evaluate the infants' ability to distinguish lines of different widths - a method of evaluating neurological maturity in babies who are unable to talk.

According to the researchers, more girls had below average eyesight (visual acuity) in the placebo than in the DHA intervention group. Moreover, increased levels of omega-6 fatty acid status in the mother's red blood cell, using ethanolamine phosphoglyceride docosatetraenoic acid as a measure, were related to reduced visual acuity in both boys and girls.

This appears to be in line with a growing body of evidence linking an increased omega-3 to omega-6 intake ratio to improved health.

The report said that while this contributes to a growing body of knowledge on the dietary needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women, more research is needed to identify recommended daily amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.

Innis added: "For better health, it's important for pregnant and nursing mums - and all of us - to eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, eggs, and fish while minimizing consumption of processed and prepared foods."

Popularity of omega-3

Omega-3 has been increasingly linked to a wide range of health benefits, including reduced risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and certain cancers, joint health, and improved behavior and moods.

According to market researcher Packaged Facts omega-3 enriched foods make up the strongest sector of the functional foods market in the US - and there is still room there for significant growth.

The market for these goods has grown from approximately $100m to more than $2bn in four years. The firm predicts this category will reach $7bn in sales by 2011.

Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Volume 87, Number 3, Pages 548-557
"Essential n-3 fatty acids in pregnant women and early visual acuity maturation in term infants"
Authors: Sheila M Innis and Russel W Friesen

I take Omega 3000

Proprietary Omega-3 fatty acid fish oil formula containing wild (Sockeye) salmon oil. Consuming 1-3 capsules of Omega: 3000 daily—with meals, will give your body the extra assistance it needs to help maintain a healthy central nervous system (heart and brain), optimal cellular communication (i.e. healthy hormone control) and a reduction in inflammation (i.e. osteoarthritis). But don’t take my word for it, try Omega 3000 for yourself and experience why it is NOT just another fatty acid product.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weight Loss Water

If you’re like most people, you would love to lose some weight or excess body fat, but for whatever reason it hasn’t been that easy. Most people have tried one fad diet after another only to find that even if they lose some weight, their results don’t last very long. The fact is that obesity is becoming a worldwide epidemic.

What if there really was a solution? A simple place to start that would work for just about anyone. A solution that has been on our planet since the beginning of time.

X2O helped Robin lose over 100 pounds

So, what’s the solution? WATER. But not just any water. We’re talking about mineral rich, alkaline water that effectively hydrates your body.

Water, as it was originally found on earth was different. It was fresh and pure. It came from natural springs, fresh mountain streams and was loaded with important trace minerals that are essential to our health. Unfortunately, the water coming out of our faucets today is no longer that way. And while more and more people are reaching for bottled water these days, the problem is that in most cases, bottled water is simply recycled and filtered municipal tap water.

Thanks to a breakthrough discovery in natural science, Xooma Worldwide gives you a way to transform ordinary water into a powerful beverage that can help you lose weight and shed excess body fat. We call this revolutionary product “X2O.”

X2O supports your weight loss efforts in 3 ways…

1. X2O helps to hydrate your body at the cellular level. Think about it. You’ve probably never seen a weight loss system or diet program that didn’t recommend that you drink more water. Why? Because your body needs to be properly hydrated in order for you to be successful in your weight loss goals.

The problem is that most tap water and bottled water is not effective for optimal hydration. But, when you add just one sachet of X2O to that water, it provides improved hydration by allowing the water to be more easily absorbed by your body. In addition, X2O delivers vital electrolytes into your water that improve your overall hydration at the cellular level.

X2O helped Mitch lose over 50 pounds

2. X2O provides ionic trace minerals which support healthy weight management. Ensuring that your body gets the optimal level of minerals it needs is a vital component to not only being healthy but also to optimize your weight loss goals. This is because minerals play a key role in important bodily functions that relate to your metabolism.

Minerals have a direct effect on appetite control, blood sugar balance, food cravings, adrenal and thyroid hormone functions, and the use of fat for energy in your body. X2O sachets contain an all-natural mineral complex that releases beneficial trace minerals into the water which can be easily absorbed and used to support your body’s metabolic functions.

3. X2O gives your water a healthy alkaline boost which helps burn fat. If you want to shed excess body fat with less effort it is important to maintain a healthy pH balance in the body. This is the “hidden secret” to continual fat loss that keeps most people from getting the results they desire.

Unfortunately, most of the foods and beverages we consume on a daily basis cause our bodies to become acidic. And the more acidic we are, the more likely we are to store fat. But, with just one sachet of X2O, you can transform your water into a highly alkaline beverage that helps to neutralize acid in your body and trigger the release of excess fat.

In addition to promoting healthy weight loss, X2O also provides you body with a host of other incredible health benefits.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Why We Crave Sweets?

At times our cravings for things like carbohydrates and sugar can be so intense, that we feel as if we may have a melt down if we don’t satisfy those needs. Sweet and starchy foods are like drugs to our brain.

Nutrient-sparse white flour and cornmeal containing commercial foods, as well as sugar-laden soft drinks, can actually stimulate the release of addictive morphine-like chemicals in our brain called beta-endorphins. Much like morphine, beta-endorphins produce a sense of well being, improve emotions and create feelings of euphoria, until you come crashing down from your high and require more of the same foods to make you feel good again.

From that first time grandma put you on her knee, and fed you her homemade fudge brownies, the pleasure center in your brain lit up and made you feel great. You knew a good thing when you tasted it. Well, so did the chemicals in your brain. You see, that feeling of satisfaction you got from sweet, sugary foods began to form into an addiction. For the majority, today’s children are addicts; in fact the greater part of society is.

Unfortunately, like most addictions, a dependency to sugary foods will rob you of your health. Eating high-sugar, processed foods and carbohydrates, will overload your cells with insulin and in turn elevate levels of the fat storage enzyme LPL. You know the drill: you get fat!

Due to a mechanism in your brain’s reward cascade, eating even small amounts of sugar can cause dependency, in other words, you start to crave more and more. Sugar is intense stuff, causing some powerful reactions in the biochemical centers of your brain.

How many times have you found yourself with a completely full stomach after a huge meal? Although you are barely able to move, you make it your mission to find any and every extra space available to fit one or more pieces of delicious dessert down your throat—regardless of how uncomfortable you might feel! Is this not the description of a junkie? Someone who will ingest a substance at any cost, to get the fix their body requires?

Once the initial sugar high (from the beta-endorphin release) has died down, that nice feeling of calmness and well-being comes over you. This happens in part because of the slow-release action of another neurotransmitter in the brain called serotonin.

Unfortunately, this feeling doesn’t last forever— In fact, the temporary “lust for life” you had after ingesting all that sugar caused by elevated beta-endorphins, and the calming effects of the serotonin will eventually come to screeching halt! Yep, you crash. You then need more of what started your “high” in the first place, and the vicious cycle of the sugar and carbohydrate cravings starts all over again.

Be blessed

i.Cooper SJ, et al. Endorphins and food intake: kappa opioid receptor agonists and hyperphagia. Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 1985 Nov 1985 Nov;23(5):889-901.

ii.King B. Fat Wars Action Planner. Wiley $ Sons. Toronto, Ont. 2003 pg. 21.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Children’s Fitness/ Wellness

When I was asked to write this introduction to children’s fitness, it was suggested I keep it short and to the point or I would lose everyone’s attention. Say it isn’t so. Please tell me we are interested in our children’s health and well being. What could be more important than the health of future generations?

Anyway, I will make some points in a couple pages and I hope I spark your interest to look further on your own. Part of the problem is, in order to do this subject justice, first we need to face our own mistakes over the last few decades and begin to correct them. You may not agree with some of the points, but if you have children or grand children I hope you will want to check the veracity of what I am about to convey before tuning out.

Children’s health is my passion, and I hope as you read, it will become at least partly your passion, because we need each other to change a system that is designed wrong. Children weren’t designed to be left to their own devices. They don’t pop into the world with a tag reading:

“Pat on behind, make cry, feed when you can, hold if you feel like it, ignore often, then send on way, and hope for the best.” That said, the tag also shouldn’t recommend raising them until they are forty seven years old, by giving them everything and anything they want. There is a balance here somewhere. I think we’ve misplaced it in our hurry-up world.

We need everyone who cares about children, young people and their own health to get on board. Mostly we need you to believe in your heart that there is a problem and we can do better for future generations. If I don’t convey the importance of this issue, then someone else will be re-writing this, because our health and that of our young people is getting worse with each passing year. This message is so much more important than most people realize. Your input and participation are invited and encouraged. I meant it when I said we are in this together and the children of the world are counting on us.

It is outright dangerous to think that politicians, psychologists, and social workers along with drug manufacturers know what is best, or even care what is best for our children. Doctors and nurses are in the business of caring for, enhancing and saving lives. The before mentioned group plus the pharmaceutical companies and their lobbyists are in business, period. Three thousand kids a day start smoking in the U.S. and alcoholism in pre-teens is becoming epidemic. As a society, we consume hundreds of pounds of refined sugar a year. When I was five years old it was only one pound a year. The business world is not designed to fix these problems. Profits often come first no matter how many children become sick or even die in the process.

Our children’s health has suffered long enough. “Health” in our society has become distorted by grants, fund raising, and special interest groups. The focus is on the funding itself - not the solutions to problems these funds are supposed to be used to solve. Fund raisers focus on fund raising. It really is this simple.

Children and young adults worldwide in westernized societies are getting fatter and sicker all the time. Our kids are the target of a media blitz advocating sugar, cake and pizza stuffed with more pizza. Energy drinks, soda and sugar laden teas weren’t developed by God to hydrate the body. Our children should pop out of the womb with a tag stating:

“This child runs best on fresh air, pure water, live fruits, vegetables and grain. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stimulation is required. Options include free range meats, poultry and fish. Exercise is not optional nor is play. Both should be included until the child reaches the age of ninety, then work, not play becomes optional. Drug intervention should be used sparingly and only as a last resort. Tylenol, Ibprophen, steroid inhalers, and antibiotics are not ideal for long term use.”

God made water nearly seventy percent of our body’s mass. That wasn’t a mistake to be replaced by soft drinks and coffee. So, pull the soda out of your hand, take it away from your child and start drinking water with X2O. It is the beginning of health. Perhaps the mistake God actually made was He didn’t make ice cream, candy, and cake take the place of vegetables.
Imagine if junk food could replace vegetables. We’d all be the picture of health.

Ease up now, I know God made no mistakes. If you are agreeing here then ask yourself, why are we interfering with His most elaborate and wonderful design? Why are we allowing our children to be over fed and over medicated without questioning the rationale?

We are still smart enough to realize that breathing air in a forest is more beneficial than standing behind a smoking bus, or sucking on a cigarette. Junk food is no different, it just tastes better. Medication is not food. It can be poison. Each and every synthetic medication has a toxicology report attached. The difference between toxic and lethal is based on the amount ingested. The body is designed to be seventy percent water and people, especially children, have been taught to hate it. Maybe God didn’t put enough sugar in it.

Does your car care that the gas you put in it doesn’t taste good? Would adding sugar, dye and chemicals make it run better? We have been brainwashed into believing that all the garbage beverages we consume are as good as or better than pure water. And we feed them to our children, often because it is more effort to explain that water is better for them. The ads for drinks and junk food become more pervasive and invasive everyday.

In my opinion, things don’t go better with Coca Cola, and you cannot address your child’s weight problems by drinking a diet soda with your fast food hamburger and extra large side of fries.

It’s all a lie. Water is the best body fuel for our children’s fitness and longevity. The very quality of their lives depends on getting back to pure air, Pure water, natural food and exercise. We are running out of the one thing we can’t replace in our lives. It is the most expensive item we have. Time. Time is so precious, and is truly of the essence here. The old age diseases in our children didn’t show up by accident or over night. This has taken decades of mis-information and outright fraud. All of these problems are preventable.

Extensive medical research and pharmaceutical data shows that water by itself will help prevent depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, cancer, diabetes and a whole host of other designer maladies. Add ionic minerals and our ability to ward off any malady increases exponentially. How is soda better than that? Ask yourself this question: Why are Coke and Pepsi stampeding into the bottled water business? Could it have something to do with the obesity epidemic in the world which soft drink companies have helped create? The average can of soda has over ten tea spoons of sugar in it, and most children get sixty percent of their calories today from liquids. Have we lost our self-reliance, our ability to think and care for ourselves and our loved ones without outside intervention? More importantly, do we want the government, psychiatrists, social workers and pharmaceutical companies deciding what is right for us? That doesn’t sound like the way I want to live.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Are You A Toxic Human . ‘Water Filter’? .

The Ugly Truths about Tap & Bottled Water . . .

We both know that water is essential for life. Although you can live for as long as two months without food, you’ll die after only a few days without water.

Especially since water makes up about 2/3 of your body weight.

You need water:

* To breathe
* To keep your brain working
* To regulate your body temperature
* To lubricate your joints and spinal discs
* To digest your food
* Plus dozens of other important body functions

Pure clean water is life-sustaining . . .
so think before you drink!
THINK & Drink: X2O!
Click Here Get X20 Water

Still . . .

Until I learned some of the same information you’ll read here in the next few minutes, I just hoped I was getting most of my water in other ways — soft drinks, coffee, iced tea . . .

But these drinks aren’t so healthy . . . In fact, many of them even lead to dehydration. And they certainly aren’t an adequate replacement for fresh, pure water.

I know, I know . . . That’s just good common sense . . .

Still . . . I just didn’t particularly like the taste of water, especially from the tap. Probably from the chemicals, like fluoride or chlorine or something . . .

So I tried bottled water — I probably tried a dozen different kinds. They did taste a bit better than tap water, although some had a plastic or chemical taste that sure didn’t seem healthy.

And then I read some of the research about bottled water (you’ll see for yourself in a minute), and suddenly that didn’t seem like such a good solution at all.

But I had a problem . . . I knew I wasn’t getting enough water. You see, in my research I found that . . .

If You Wait Until You’re Thirsty,
Odds Are You’re Already Dehydrated

Click Here Get X20 Water

How much water should you be drinking?

Well, most doctors say you need at least 8-10 glasses per day. Whatever the amount, it’s probably more than you are likely to be drinking right now — even if you don’t mind the taste of water.

In fact, experts say 3 out of every 4 Americans suffer from chronic dehydration . . . and the odds are that you’re one of them.

And you can’t depend on thirst as a signal to drink. Actually, having a dry mouth is often a later sign of dehydration.

Only as dehydration progresses do you notice that you’re thirsty. In addition, the thirst sensation also diminishes with age.

So how do you know if you’re chronically dehydrated?

Well, in many cases you can’t tell . . . You need to drink water whether you feel thirsty or not.

If you don’t, the effects of chronic dehydration may spread throughout your entire body, and even be misinterpreted as symptoms of illness or stress.

Like fatigue and headaches . . .

The late Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, author of “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water,” researched dehydration for 20 years. He believed that in many cases “you are not sick, you are thirsty!”

His research indicated that many symptoms (and diseases) are the result of longstanding dehydration, including chronic pain, degenerative conditions and many serious illnesses.

His solution was simple . . . drink more water more often.

Newsmax medical expert Dr. Russell Blaylock agrees. He says that allowing yourself to become dehydrated can be serious — perhaps even serious enough to cause a stroke!

As he notes in his book Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life: “Most of us do not drink enough water, and as a result, our blood becomes more viscous, increasing the likelihood that a clot will suddenly form at the site of a plaque formation.”

On the positive side, drinking enough pure uncontaminated water:

* Gives you more energy
* Sharpens your mental and physical performance
* Fosters weight loss
* Reduces stress, anxiety and headaches
* Bolsters heart health
* Gradually improves your skin’s appearance and reduces wrinkles
* Prevents constipation and kidney stones
* And much, much more

Click Here Get X20 Water

After doing my homework, I knew I had to drink more water to stay healthy. Not just for myself, but also for the sake of my family. Given the statistics, you probably need more water too.

But drinking the junk that’s probably coming out of your tap water right now could do you more harm than good.

The Quality of Your Water is Just as
Important as the Quantity You Drink

You’d think you could depend on your government to provide you with pure tap water. Sadly, that’s not the case. And really, it’s not the government’s fault . . .

Despite their efforts, today’s aging municipal water systems are just plain overwhelmed by the sheer volume of contaminants.
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According to some studies, an astounding 75,000 chemical compounds have been discovered in our water... yet the EPA has established safety standards for only 87 of them.

Pollutants and contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, toxic wastes from landfills, fertilizers, chemical and oil spills, acid rain and many others find their way into our water supply.

Compounding the problem, our water treatment includes chlorine or chloramines to control the growth of bacteria, despite the fact that these chemicals have themselves been linked to illness.

Even if the water leaving the treatment plants meets the minimal EPA safety standards, the threat to your health doesn’t end.

Water lines (including your own pipes) frequently build up a revolting assortment of mineral, biological and chemical deposits. The pipes themselves may even leach hazardous substances like lead and copper.

As water pipes age, they also begin to grow caked-on layers of bio-film, a sludgy layer that can harbor pathogens such as E. coli, which causes diarrhea and other intestinal problems.

Cryptosporidium and Giardia are two other common water-borne pathogens that cause similar intestinal problems or worse, especially in vulnerable individuals.

Besides all these microscopic bugs, it’s just downright scary knowing that . . .

Your Tap Water is Chock-Full of Chemicals

The government began adding fluoride to drinking water years ago in a well-meaning but misguided attempt to reduce cavities.

Sadly, more and more research now supports links between drinking fluoridated water and degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Other medical problems associated with fluoride include cancer, behavioral problems, thyroid suppression, male infertility, and impotence, just to name a few.

Surprisingly, the fluoride added to our water supplies comes from the smokestack scrubbers of fertilizer and metal factories. This nasty “goo” contains more than just fluoride . . . You’ll also find toxins like arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, and polonium-210, a radioactive element that decays into lead.

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Your Body . . . a Chemical Cesspool?

Aluminum sulfate is yet another toxic additive used to treat public water supplies. In fact, mounting evidence supports a link between aluminum exposure and diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS.

And then there’s cadmium, also found in drinking water. Plumbing can increase cadmium water levels, since both plastic (PVC) and metal pipes contain the metal.

Dr. Blaylock tells us: “While it is the neonate [newborn] that is most susceptible, even adults will show toxic damage to their brain following chronic exposure to cadmium in drinking water.” Plus, research demonstrates that cadmium increases the risk of prostate cancer, decreases testosterone production, causes high blood pressure, causes loss of calcium from the bones, and increases free radical production.

And what about lead? While most houses today have PVC pipes, even modern faucets have lead-containing joints that can significantly contribute to lead in drinking water.

Even worse, fluoridated water leaches additional lead from pipes and faucets, escalating your risk of toxic lead accumulation. In fact, evidence indicates that water in fluoridated cities may have double the level of lead compared to the water in unfluoridated communities.

You’re probably aware of the dangers of lead toxicity in children: learning disabilities . . . hyper-irritability . . . violent outbursts . . .

However, the dangers from lead don’t stop as you grow older. In fact, your risk actually rises again after middle age, when you become more prone to osteoporosis, limited mobility, or other age-related factors that cause bone to break down.

The reason is that 80% of ingested lead ends up stored permanently in your bones. As bone breaks down with age, it releases the lead — and other stored metals — into your system.

And don’t think you’re safe if you have a well . . .

Well Water Doesn’t Keep You Well

Well water is really no safer than tap water. Ground water pollutants also seep into this water source. And because private wells are often more shallow than water receptacles used for public water supplies, there is even greater potential for contamination.

Fecal coliform bacteria like E. coli are the most common contaminants of well water. Septic fields are typical sources for such contamination by way of animal or human wastes. Nitrates from animal or human wastes or fertilizers are also commonly found, along with lead, radon and other chemical and biological toxins.

So, if tap water and well water aren’t so good, what about that bottled water we’ve been drinking . . .

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The Bottled Water Myth —
Don’t Believe What They Tell You

The ads want you to imagine crystal-clear springs, alpine glaciers and pristine natural sources. The reality, however, is something far different than the marketing hype . . .

A four-year study was conducted by the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), who notes that sales of bottled water have tripled in the past 10 years to about $4 billion per year, at least partly because people are learning the truth about the hazards of tap water.

Unfortunately, independent laboratory testing of more than 1,000 bottles of 103 types of bottled water from many parts of the U.S. led to some surprising and even frightening findings:

* One brand of purported “spring water” — with a label picturing a lake and mountains — actually came from a well in the parking lot of an industrial facility, located near a hazardous waste dump.
* According to government and industry estimates, approximately 1/4 of bottled water is actually just bottled tap water.
* About 1/3 of the bottled water tested contained significant chemical or bacterial contamination, exceeding levels allowed under state or industry standards.
* About 1/5 of the water tested contained industrial or manufacturing chemicals such as toluene, xylene, phthalate, adipate or styrene.
* In eight cases, the tested water contained arsenic at “a level of potential health concern”.

Unfortunately, as the NRDC notes, the FDA’s rules exempt 60-70% of bottled water sold in the U.S. from federal bottled water standards. With these huge regulatory gaps, the NRDC’s report concluded that:

“No one should assume that just because he or she purchases water in a bottle that it is necessarily any better regulated, purer, or safer than most tap water.”

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I try my best to be an environmentally friendly person. So it kind of threw me when another study commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) pointed out the negative environmental impact of the bottled water phenomenon — every year, 1.5 million tons of plastic are used in bottled water manufacturing.

Millions of these bottles end up in our already-crowded landfills . . . and toxic chemicals spew into the environment during the bottle manufacturing and disposal processes.
In addition to the safety issues, the NRDC study also noted that you can spend from 240 to over 10,000 times more per gallon for bottled water than you typically do for tap water.

And it’s not only you and your family that will appreciate the healthy water. Your pets also deserve drinking water that’s not contaminated with toxic substances!

And you can use this purified water in many ways besides drinking water:

* cooking
* ice cubes
* salt-restricted diets . . .
* baby formulas
* cleaning contact lenses
* steam irons
* aquarium water
* complexion care
* houseplants
* humidifiers

As a smart consumer, you should be aware of your various options for water purification:

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* Method 1 — Simple Filtration: With this relatively inexpensive method, tap water passes through a fine strainer and/or activated carbon. While unpleasant odors and tastes diminish, simple filtration doesn’t remove many common contaminants effectively, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, lead, arsenic, copper, nitrates and sodium.

* Method 2 — Reverse Osmosis: With reverse osmosis, high pressure forces water through a synthetic semi-permeable membrane to reduce inorganic minerals. Unfortunately, these systems vary greatly in their ability to rid water of chlorides, nitrates, viruses, bacteria, arsenic and other contaminants. Their performance level depends on numerous factors, including pH, water temperature and pressure, dissolved solids, and the initial water contaminant level.

* Method 3 — Steam Distilled: Based on Mother Nature’s primary method of purification, distillation uses evaporation and condensation to separate pure and fresh water from its contaminants. Distillation, especially when combined with carbon filtration Turning on the tap is not the healthiest investment . . .

So now you know the truth about water — the “elixir of life”. What you probably already knew, that it took me far too long to find out, is that . . .

The Better it Tastes, the More You’ll Drink

You see, I enjoy the taste of water now. Good pure water just tastes better, doesn’t it? The way nature intended it to taste . . .

And because it tastes good, I’m drinking more of it effortlessly . . . and I feel better too.

I used to think that water was water . . .

The truth was — I was literally a toxic human “water filter”. Instead of filtering and distilling out the crud from the water I drank before I drank it . . . I WAS the filter.

So if you think, as I once did, that the water you’ve been drinking up until now is just plain water, it’s time for you to think again . . .

Over the course of your lifetime, you’ll drink an estimated 13,000 gallons of water.

What you can’t even see in each glass of water has a cumulative effect on your health . . . and the health of your family, even your pets.

That’s why it’s so crucial that you make sure the water you drink is pure.

Healthy Water Pays Big Dividends

Of course, tap water is free for the taking . . . But you’ve already seen how incredibly UNHEALTHY it is . . .

Join me in staying healthy and preserving the environment!

Don't forget our small friends; they deserve great water just like you and me!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Rhodiola For Increased Mental Energy And Concentration: This Herb Just May Be The Perfect Focus-Factor!

Rhodiola for whatever ails you? The Book “Rhodiola Revolution” says that this one European herb is scientifically proven to: “maximize energy; fight the effects of stress and aging; sharpen memory and concentration; ease anxiety and depression; and enhance physical performance.” How in the world can one herb do all this you ask? Well, the good news is like many botanical ingredients today, there is a scientific explanation that shed’s a bright light on the benefits of this fascinating herb.

Rhodiola rosea (R. rosea or rhodiola) has been utilized medicinally for centuries in many European and Asian countries, where it grows in the unusually harsh environment of polar, Arctic, and high-altitude alpine regions.1 Between 1725 and 1960, various medicinal applications of rhodiola appeared in the scientific literature of many countries, including Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, the Soviet Union, and Iceland.2 Since 1960, more than 180 modern pharmacological, phytochemical, and clinical studies have been published.2

Although rhodiola has been extensively studied in other countries and shown to exhibit multiple health-promoting effects, its properties are largely unknown in the United States. In part, this is likely due to the fact that the bulk of research has been published in Slavic and Scandinavian languages.2 During the Cold War, a strict wall of separation – in communication, politics, and science – was maintained by the Soviet Union. Research regarding rhodiola was one of the casualties of this information roadblock, as much of the research occurred in Russia and appeared in Russian medical journals. The data from many of these studies have been under wraps until recently, when they began to appear in limited venues.3,4

As you are no-doubt aware, the past 10 to 20 years have witnessed an explosion in the scientific study of herbal and nutritional supplement formulations. You have also probably noticed that until very recently, much of this research took place in western Europe — particularly in Germany, where their unique medical system evaluates the safety and indications of herbs that are prescription items, sold or dispensed in pharmacies.3 Other countries involved in extensive herbal and nutritional research include Sweden, Italy, China, Japan, India, and Russia.3

Early on, Soviet researchers identified rhodiola as an adaptogen1 – an agent that increases one’s resistance to biological, chemical, and physical stressors. Rhodiola was studied extensively to evaluate its potential benefits for military personnel, cosmonauts, and athletes participating in international competition. Today, an impressive body of scientific literature supports the traditional and modern applications of this herb.

Rhodiola has demonstrated a remarkable ability to enhance cellular energy metabolism. The studies published thus far show the herb to be highly beneficial for both physical and mental performance under stress. The herb provides significant enhancement of mental energy and eliminates fatigue. It stimulates norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin, and has cholinergic effects in the central nervous system. Rhodiola also supports and enhances the effects of these neurotransmitters by increasing the delivery of precursors (building blocks) that can be utilized to produce dopamine and serotonin.2,5-9

Much like ginkgo biloba, rhodiola is supported by centuries of documented medicinal uses. Decades of accumulated scientific studies validate rhodiola’s usefulness for improving mental performance, energy, and stamina.

Rhodiola rosea:

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* Protects the nervous system against oxidative damage by free radicals through its antioxidant activity.2,10,11

* Enhances learning and memory in animal models and increases serotonin levels in the frontal cerebral cortex.2,7-9,12

* Promotes release of norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin in ascending pathways that activate the cerebral cortex and the limbic system. Consequently, the cognitive (thinking, analyzing, evaluating, calculating, and planning) functions of the cerebral cortex and the attention, memory, and learning functions of the prefrontal and frontal cortex are enhanced.2

* Optimizes the release of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter associated with learning, attention and memory.2

* May prevent or ameliorate some age-related dysfunction in neurotransmitter systems that tend to deteriorate with aging.2,13

* Has been found, in animal studies, to improve long-term memory when administered in low doses over a period of 10 days.8

* Has been found to positively influence the central nervous system by increasing ability to concentrate and by improving cellular resistance to outside influences.14

Rhodiola Rosea, Stress, And Mental Performance
Stress interferes with memory functions. Over time, stress causes deterioration in memory systems. Rhodiola rosea (R. rosea or rhodiola) appears to exert positive effects on memory and cognition by improving resistance to physical and emotional stress.

This dual action of cognitive stimulation and emotional calming creates benefits for immediate cognitive and memory performance, as well as for the long-term preservation of brain function.2 Calm and alert – you can’t be in a better mental state than that!

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* Several studies have shown that rhodiola (again specifically: R. rosea) can dramatically reduce stress and simultaneously increase mental performance. One study found that a 170 mg/day dose of rhodiola countered the fatigue and stress experienced by young, healthy physicians on night duty.15 In this randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled trial, researchers measured rhodiola’s effect on five different measures of mental acuity: associative thinking, short-term memory, calculation, concentration, and speed of audiovisual perception. They found statistically significant improvements in all five of these mental performance parameters in the physicians who took rhodiola for two weeks.15

* In a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial conducted at a medical academy, young, healthy students were supplemented with either rhodiola (100mg/day) or a placebo for 20 days. The group that consumed the rhodiola extract experienced significant improvements in physical work capacity, coordination, and general well-being, along with decreased mental fatigue and situational anxiety. The supplemented students also scored higher on final exams!16

* A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group clinical study was performed to measure the effect of a single dose of rhodiola extract on capacity for mental work against a background of fatigue and stress. Researchers administered a single dose of rhodiola to healthy young individuals (19 to 21 years of age) and measured the beneficial results using an anti-fatigue index. The study showed a pronounced anti-fatigue effect from that single dose that was statistically highly significant (p < 0.001).17

In summary: based on centuries of use – going back almost 2,000 years to its documented tradition as a remedy in classic Greek medicine, all the way to the many animal and human clinical studies mounted by modern scientists – we know that rhodiola has a wide array of documented health benefits. In fact, rhodiola is likely to become the next herbal superstar.

Rhodiola’s ability to increase mental energy points to tremendous potential for counteracting the mental fatigue so common with the aging process. And studies show that rhodiola can favorably support our minds and bodies as we deal with the stresses that seem omnipresent in our modern lives. Rhodiolais a valuable addition to any supplement program designed to boost mental performance and slow the aging process.

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Richard P. Brown and Patricia L. Gerbarg, astute researchers who have worked tirelessly in bringing the science behind this unique herb to Western medicine, had this to say:

In the course of evolution, R. rosea has adapted to the harsh conditions of high altitude (extreme cold, low oxygen, little rainfall, and intense irradiation from the sun) by producing a group of powerful protective compounds that have diverse beneficial effects in animals and humans. One is struck by the versatility of R. rosea, from its description in Greek medicine, 2000 years ago to its use by 20th century cosmonauts. It is time for modern research, using controlled clinical trials, to develop the potential medical applications of this unique phyto-adaptogen.3,4

In their exhaustive review of the medical and scientific literature exploring the benefits of this wonderful herb, the authors go on to say that

…[m]ore scientific research is needed to confirm the preventive and curative benefits of R. rosea. Controlled studies are warranted to explore its use in antidepressant augmentation, disorders of memory and cognition, attention deficit disorder, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson's disease, protection against arrhythmias, sports performance, aviation and space medicine (enhancing physical and mental performance while reducing stress reactions), endocrine disorders (infertility, premenstrual disorder, menopause), sexual dysfunction, disorders of the stress response system (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and post traumatic stress disorder), and enhancement of chemotherapy/radiation with amelioration of toxicity.2

How To Take Rhodiola

Rhodiola rosea root extract is commonly available as an individual supplement and in combination products. If you choose a combination product, take as directed on the label. For the individual herb, typical doses are 150 to 300 mg/day of extract, taken in two divided doses on an empty stomach. For example: 150 mg before breakfast and 150 mg before lunch, for a total of 300 mg/day.2
It’s most important to look for a Rhodiola rosea root extract standardized to contain a minimum of three percent rosavins and one percent salidroside. This matches the extract concentrations used in clinical trials.

Be sure to specifically look for Rosea. Products called just "Rhodiola,” “Tibetan Rhodiola,” or “Indian Rhodiola” are NOT equivalant to Rhodiola rosea root extract. In fact, because of significant species-dependent variations in phytochemistry, the use of "Rhodiola" alone as a general term may be inaccurate and could be misleading on product packaging. Of all the species tested, Rhodiola rosea has been the predominant subject of phytochemical, animal, and human studies.2

While clinical studies have shown a benefit in taking doses higher than 300 mg/day of Rhodiola rosea root extract, studies frequently demonstrated that lower doses performed better than higher doses.

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Daily Nutritional Support with Rhodiola Rosea



Daily Dosage

Improve cellular energy and mental performance


150-300 mg

Improve cellular energy and mental performance


150-300 mg

Improve cellular energy and mental performance


150-300 mg

First and foremost, Rhodiola rosea is extremely safe, and has very few side effects. Most users find that it improves their mood, energy level, and mental clarity. Some individuals, particularly those who tend to be anxious, may feel overly activated, jittery, or agitated. If this occurs, try a smaller dose with very gradual increases.2
Rhodiola rosea should be taken early in the day. If taken late in the day or evening, it can interfere with sleep or cause vivid dreams (not nightmares) during the first few weeks of use. It is contraindicated in excited states.2
Because Rhodiola rosea has an activating, antidepressant effect, it should not be used in individuals with bipolar disorder who are vulnerable to becoming manic when given antidepressants or stimulants.2

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* Spasov AA, Wikman GK, Mandrikov VB, Mironova IA, Neumoin VV. A double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study of the stimulating and adaptogenic effect of Rhodiola rosea SHR-5 extract on the fatigue of students caused by stress during an examination period with a repeated low-dose regimen. Phytomedicine. 2000 Apr;7(2):85-9.
* Shevtsov VA, Zholus BI, Shervarly VI, et al. A randomized trial of two different doses of a SHR-5 Rhodiola rosea extract versus placebo and control of capacity for mental work. Phytomedicine. 2003 Mar;10(2-3):95-105.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Comparing AquaLyte to Water Treatment Machines.

Some Basic Members have recently contacted us with inquiries about water treatment machines and how they compare to AquaLyte.

Here’s some great information you can use when you meet someone who might be involved in a company that sells water alkalizing machines or perhaps they are a consumer considering buying one of those machines.

Here are some advantages I believe Basic ; AquaLyte offer over the water alkalizing machines in the market today…

100% natural, God made product. For those who tend to be more “natural health” orientated, I believe they would prefer to get their alkaline water from a God created source rather than a man-made machine. We know that the AquaLyte delivers organic trace minerals into the water from a natural renewable source. I don’t believe those machines add minerals to the water. As I understand it, most of them try to retain the minerals that were present in the tap water (assuming the tap water had quality minerals in it) as they process the water.

Affordable for almost anyone. Rather than spend thousands of dollars up front to purchase a machine, people can purchase AquaLyte on a monthly basis for the affordable price of just $25 (U.S.). I recently saw a water alkalizing machine from a network marketing company that costs approximately $4,000 and I compared that to the cost forAquaLyte . When I did the math I discovered that someone could use one sachet of AquaLyte per day for 13.1 years for the same price of the machine. They could use 2 sachets per day for 6.5 years before it would equal the cost of the machine. I know that most of those machines need some kind of routine maintenance during their first 6.5 years and they may need to be replaced once they get to be 13 years old.

Convenient to use and carry.  AquaLyte goes with you wherever you go since it fits in your pocket, purse, or brief case. Add it to any source of water you choose whenever you choose. NO need to “make” your water at home and take it with you in bottles wherever you go. Also, no need to transport a machine with you on business trips or vacations.

Easy to sample and sell. Giving or selling someone a sample pack of AquaLyte is easy and affordable. Most people can easily afford the product and most Members feel very confident and comfortable “selling” something this affordable. But the average distributor in our industry is probably very fearful or lacks the skills required to sell a machine that costs thousands of dollars. Our product affordability for the masses leads to more duplication and more success for everyone.

Repeat monthly sales. Machines are a one-time purchase but AquaLyte is a monthly purchase. We have a much better chance of establishing a long-term residual income with a product that people need and use every month.

Bottom line: AquaLyte offers BIG benefits in a small and very affordable package. And don't forget...

Personally refer just 3 people and yours is FREE!!

More “Food for Thought”…

Just to add a thought (or two) to Ken's comparison to water treatment machines keep this in mind…

“pH” is monitored and achieved in the body in a natural way. It uses buffering minerals. The body doesn't reach homeostasis by ingesting high Ph fluids. It uses nutrients to search for balance. This balance is found at a pH of approximately 7.35.

No one knows exactly how the body creates different combinations of building blocks out of nano-nutrients simply because the human body is still smarter than all of us and we don't have the technology to measure its trans-mutating ability. The body has some distinct “super powers” we don't understand.

For me, “balance” is what we are trying to achieve with AquaLyte. Balance is what the entire Universe runs on and to borrow from Ken's thought, God created the machine we walk around in, and God created the universe. We own our vehicle - or lease it as I see it, but we are also an infinitely small part of the universal body. Hence the hypothesis - "We are all connected."

We stumble and bumble around putting together pieces of wisdom and call them “breakthroughs” when it was more of a Creator induced hide and seek game to begin with.

Balancing the pH of the body takes pure water, and an entire spectrum of minerals which the body then directs to targeted areas of need based on autonomic response. An onslaught of high pH fluids with no intelligent direction may have some limited affect, but it is not the long term solution.
Think of it like synthetic insulin used in diabetics. We throw enough in to lower the blood sugar and if it drops too low we add orange juice or a piece of candy to artificially bring it back up. Again, an interim tool - not a permanent solution. Our internal environment at peace and rest in balance leads to an external environment in balance and a peace with everything in it.

Suffice it to say the AquaLyte does everything a water ionizing machine does with some added super powers the body needs to defend itself. The body is its own best pharmacy and fixes 99% of everything that goes wrong with it on a daily basis. I can't state often enough or loud enough:

"The human body is still smarter than we are."

Balance, as Ken so eloquently suggested is better done in harmony with nature than in trying to control, corral or improve nature - which in most cases is a mistake.

As a very wise friend and mentor taught me years ago:
"Nature has its own laws and will not allow violation without a negative response."

This is true because just like nature, our body is in constant search for balance. It is in constant motion and experiences constant change. It cannot be qualified or quantified. It is here for us to enjoy, explore and try to unravel its mysteries.

Searching for balance is a way of life and AquaLyte is a very important part of the puzzle.

Get you Some AquaLyte Water!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Game is On... Lets RoLL....

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