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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ok Just What is Ganoderma Lucidum, or Lingshi, Reishi mushroom?

What is Ganoderma Lucidum, also known as Lingshi or Reishi is a type of mushroom that has been used for thousands of years throughout Asia, for its beneficial effects on our ability to maintain and or improve your health. The Ganoderma Mushroom is well known for its ability to aid the body to detoxify and rid itself potential disease. Consequently ganoderma Lucidum is commonly referred to as the "The King of Herbs" Other Common Names: Ling chih, Ling zhi, Mannentake, Ganoderma Lucidum

Ganoderma can assist the body to maintain or improve overall wellbeing. Ganoderma Lucidum, also known as Lingshi or Reishi is a type of mushroom that has been used for thousands of years throughout Asia, and well known for its ability to maintain and or "Improve your Health" The Ganoderma Mushroom is well known for its ability to aid the body to detoxify and potentially rid itself of disease. Consequently ganoderma Lucidum is commonly referred to as the "The King of Herbs".
What Does Ganoderma look like?
Ganoderma Lucidum in its various incarnations belongs to a large group of fungi called polypores. Distinguishing this group are the tubes on the underside of the fruiting body, in which spores are produced. Each tube ends in a tiny "mouth" called
a pore, and a fruiting body includes many hundreds or thousands of pores that discharge countless brown spores. Polypores are a diverse group and are also known by several common names such as shelf fungi, bracket fungi and conks.

Where can it be found and can you grow it?
Ganoderma Lucidum can grow in several surroundings but, in the wild, seems to prefer hardwood deciduous trees such as maple and oak. This can be a problem for foresters, as these fungi will rot valuable trees. Fortunately for those who seek to gather large quantities of these fungi for medicinal purposes, Ganoderma Lucidum can be cultivated and is now being grown commercially with great success on plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia. In fact, an entire field of study called mycology is devoted almost exclusively to the research, development, farming and harvesting of mushrooms - with the Ganoderma Lucidum, leading the way in terms of both commercial variety and therapeutic potential.

How does it really work?
According to virtually hundreds of scientific studies and laboratory reports, Ganoderma Lucidum can be used in virtually hundreds of ways. And according to a number of studies, it has become noted for its antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral and antipruritic qualities. It apparently also helps balance blood sugar, regulate blood pressure, enhance the human immune system, balance kidneys and help detoxify the liver. In fact, its antioxidant qualities are (it has more than 150) are the very things that seem to set it apart from any other mushroom, herb, or food.

Looking forward...
Research continues, but many Chinese and scientists in the Pacific Rim already use preparations of Ganoderma Lucidum on a daily basis to promote good health. Ganoderma Lucidum has been officially listed as a treatment for cancer in Japan. The medicinal properties of Ganoderma Lucidum are gaining popularity in the United States.
The Benefits And Why Should You be Interested In It?

The Benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum: The main effect of Ganoderma is on promoting general good health and vitality. It also has a harmonising effect on the body and helps maintain body balance. Concord Sunchih is aimed to work on body but not on the disease. By promoting your natural immune system which helps in balancing the body and in turn treats itself for a wide range of health problems.

* Enhances the Immune System

* Promote stamina and endurance.

* Stops hearburn and acid reflux

* Relieve the symptoms of Allergy and Hay Fever.

* Temporary relief of the pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

* Relief the symptoms of Influenza/Flu.

* Help relieve Nervous Tension-Stress and mild Anxiety.

* Temporary relief of Migraine Headaches.

* Relief of symptoms of PMS and of Menstrual Symptoms.

* Relief of Pre-menstrual Symptoms/Syndrome.

* Relief Sleeplessness.

* Temporary relief of Coughs.

* Formula to support Liver.

* Antioxidant -neutralize the oxidant effect of free radicals of normal cellular respiration and metabolism.

In healthy individuals helps support and maintain healthy heart, healthy blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels, normal blood sugar
levels, and a healthy respiratory system.
Maintains and improves general Well-being.

Ganoderma lucidum is the scientific name for a species of red mushroom that has been cultivated on plantations and grown wild in Asia for thousands of years. Ganoderma contains more than 200 active elements that are known to improve health. Here are a few that modern science is currently focusing on:

• Strengthen the body’s immune system
• Balance blood sugar level and improves pancreatic functions
• Protect against degeneration of skin cells and eliminates dead surface cells which improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of
• Controls destruction of healthy cells throughout the body
• Eliminates accumulated toxins

Organic Germanium
• Increases oxygen in the blood system
• Reduces fatigue and increases vitality
• Strengthens the immune system
• Increases the metabolism
• Contains an abundance of anti-oxidants that control or inhibit damaging free radicals. Free radicals are a major cause of cell degeneration,
cancer and aging.
• Assists our body’s natural ability to fight cancer cells

• Reduces cholesterol and body fat
• Helps to unclog arteries plugged with fatty deposits, and supports liver function
• Balances the metabolic rate and boosts energy
• Prevents fragmentation of platelets which can cause blockages in the circulatory system

• Fortifies and improves the digestive system
• Inhibits allergies, relieves sinus congestion, and helps with respiratory problems
• Reduces cholesterol and fat

Ganoderic Essence
• Rejuvenates the body’s tissues and cells
• Boosts all the body’s functions
• Helps to maintain youthfulness and contributes to improved vitality
• Overcomes skin disorders and beautifies the skin
• Is effective for relieving external problems such as scrapes, skin wounds, psoriasis, bug bites, stings, sunburn, mouth ulcers, and external

Research has demonstrated that Ganoderma Lucidum has several different active constituents. One group of active constituents is the polysaccharides. The various types of polysaccharides found in Ganoderma Lucidum have demonstrated immune-enhancing properties. This includes enhancement of several important interleukins. Another major class of compounds is the triterpenes. These compounds have been reported to have adaptogenic, anti-hypertensive, and anti-allergy effects.

Cardiovascular Benefits
Ganoderma Lucidum has been shown in some studies to inhibit platelet aggregation and reduce blood pressure. In studies of people with hypertension, researchers found blood pressure was significantly reduced over two-weeks' time with reishi supplementation.

Immune Benefits
Ganoderma Lucidum is commonly prescribed by practitioners for long-term immune system support. In studies involving patients with advanced tumors, the patients were given Ganoderma Lucidum for thirty days. Researchers found a marked immune-modulating effect as demonstrated by an increase in T lymphocytes and decreased CD8 counts. Patients also reported reduced side effects due to chemotherapy or radiation as well as postoperation recovery.

Blood Sugar Balance
Studies have shown Ganoderma Lucidum to have a blood sugar lowering effect. Much of this activity appears to be due to polysaccharides known as Ganoderans A, B, and C.

It appears there are three main mechanisms behind this hypoglycemic effect. This includes Ganoderma Lucidum's ability to elevate plasma insulin levels, to enhance peripheral tissue utilization of glucose, and to enhance liver metabolism of glucose.

Anti-inflammatory Effects
Studies have shown that hot-water extracts of Ganoderma Lucidum have anti-inflammatory effects. One study found that 50 milligrams of reishi powder had comparable effects to 5 milligrams of hydrocortisone.

Liver Protector
Ganoderma Lucidum is commonly used for its hepatoprotective (liver protective) action. One study of patients with hepatitis B and elevated liver enzymes (SGOT/SGPT) and bilirubin were given reishi for three months. Significant reduction in SGOT and SGPT were noticed within one month. After three months all values were within normal range.

One of the unique uses of Ganoderma Lucidum is for altitude sickness. Reishi appears to reduce altitude sickness by oxygenating the blood. This benefit was studied in Asian mountain climbers that ascended mountains as high as 17,000 feet with minimal reaction.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of healthy coffee and other healthy beverages that has been enriched with ganoderma lucidum. For thousands of years, Ganoderma Lucidum has been highly regarded by the Chinese as the "Miraculous King of Herbs." Finally you, too, can benefit from the miracle of ganoderma. You do not have to take pills, supplements, or potions every day to receive important nutrients. You don’t have to make extreme lifestyle changes to improve your health.

Enjoy Ganoderma

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Facts: Why Switching To Ganoderma Coffee Makes Sense

Ganoderma, or Red Reishi, Coffee might help to improve your health. Its biggest medical benefit is the way it strengthens your immune system. It can be considered a preventative medicine instead of a treatment for a certain disease.

Switching from your regular caffeinated coffee to Ganoderma makes sense due to its ability to improve the function of the immune system. It is said to help the body adapt to many types of body stresses such as trauma, sleep deprivation, temperature, exposure to toxins, psychological stress, infection, or radiation. It helps the organisms in the body return to a normal, balanced state after illness.

Red Reishi or Ganoderma coffee, acts as regulator that fine-tunes our immune systems. Its main purpose is to detect pathogens such as bacteria and other viruses that attack the body.

A compromised immune system can develop viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungi that cause disease. Repeated use of common antibiotics, anti-viral agents, and anti-fungal medications can cause microbes to develop a resistance to the medications. Consuming red Reishi can eliminate these problems and is gaining popularity among many as an adjunct to combating the disagreeable side effects of radiation and chemotherapy associated with cancer treatment.

Red Reishi has exceptional anti-stress qualities that can help improve memory, reduce tension and sharpen your concentration. It is particularly helpful in the treatment of degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimers and dementia that affects the elderly.

Ganoderma or Reishi has been around for many centuries. Originally consumed by emperors and royalty as the a miracle herb, many westerners have overlooked it until recently.

Some of the many health benefits of Ganoderma are its antioxidant effects on the body, the positive effects on circulatory system and respiratory tract. It has been shown to lower high blood pressure, balance cholesterol levels and reduce the symptoms of bronchitis, asthma and other lung problems.

Scientist have studied Ganoderma use as a treatment for cancer, insomnia, arthritis, and many other diseases.

Used for years in Japan and China as a licensed medical treatment, Reishi is often used for its calming and sedative effects. Research among United States, UK, China and Japan prove the unparalleled benefits of this miracle mushroom when used in healing and holist health.

So what exactly is Ganoderma? Ganoderma Lucidum is the scientific name for a species of red mushroom cultivated and grown wild in Asia for thousands of years. The reishi mushroom has been expensive and hard to find in large quantities until recently. The Reishi mushroom only grows on one specific tree in Asia. Scientist are now cultivating the mushroom indoors. This mushroom has more than 200 active elements known to improve health.

Some other benefits of using or drinking Ganoderma coffee are:

1. Balances blood sugar levels and pancreatic functions.
2. Protects against skin cell degeneration, improving skins texture and reducing appearance of aging
3. Eliminates toxins accumulated in the body
4. Increases metabolism
5. Reduces fatigue
6. Contains anti-oxidants that inhibit damaging free radicals
7. Helps unclog arteries and supports liver function
8. Boosts energy
9. Improves the digestive system
10. Relieves sinus congestion and other respiratory problems
11. Rejuvenates body tissues and cells
12. Boost all body functions
13. Beautifies the skin by improving vitality
14. Effectively aids in the healing of skin wounds, scrapes, psoriasis, mouth ulcers, external bleeding, bug bits and stings.

Consuming Ganoderma coffee can help your body heal back to a balanced state while rejuvenating your skins youthful appearance. And there are no known side effects! No wonder the Chinese have regarded it for hundreds of years as the miracle herb!

Start Consuming Today!