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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Decaf Coffee Side Effects

It is a well known fact that caffeine is the most widely consumed drug all around the world. If you are a coffee addict and are thinking of switching to decaffeinated coffee, it won't be of much help. Apart from caffeine, there are a significant number of chemical compounds found in coffee, which have stronger effects on the body. Components like caffeol, diterpenes and chlorogenic acid, are a few of the common active constituents present in coffee. There are already a number of health disorders that are a result of regular caffeine consumption, but even if it is decaffeinated, a small amount of the active constituents still remain. The amount of these remaining constituents in the decaffeinated coffee, are more than enough to cause serious health issues. Thus, despite the lower levels of caffeine, there is a fair amount of other phytochemicals, which are present even after the decaf process. Find out, what are the decaf coffee side effects from the content mentioned below.

Side Effects of Decaf Coffee

Even though the product cover may say that the coffee has gone through the decaf process and is free from all the constituents which lead to various health problems, the risks still remain. No company, ensures, 100% removal of harmful chemicals from coffee and thus, even if you have decaf coffee, it is not completely decaf. There are many decaf coffee side effects which are observed after regular consumption of decaf coffee and a few of them are mentioned in the following paragraphs, so take a look.


* It is scientifically proved, that coffee is highly acidic in nature and it stimulates the gastric acids to hyper-secrete.
* However, decaf coffee has been shown to increase the acidity in the body to a much larger extent. This is because, many a times, decaffeinated coffee process is carried out from Robusta beans, which is a type of coffee bean.
* This acidity leads to, ulcers, acid reflux and can lead to a bigger risk of heartburns than any other fluids. This can be one of the grave effects of decaf coffee. Also, find out what are some of the side effects of caffeine.

Heart Problems

* Decaf coffee also raises the risk of heart attacks, despite of lower levels of caffeine in the coffee.
* It is said that drinking decaf coffee, increases the non-essential fatty acids in the blood by about 15% and drives the production of LDL cholesterol. It also raises 8% of the apolipoprotein B, which is a protein associated with cholesterol linked to cardiovascular diseases.
* When the levels of LDL in the blood increase, there is a bigger chance of heart attacks and cardiovascular arrests. This is definitely one of the fatal decaf coffee side effects, which acts as a slow poison to many caffeine addicts. More on caffeine and blood pressure.
* The Robusta beans which are used to make decaf coffee, have a higher content of diterpenes. These stimulate the production of fatty acids in the body and thus, increase the cholesterol deposition around the heart.


* According to current research, when you consume a regular coffee drink, there is a loss of almost 5 milligrams of calcium. This can lead to weak bones and development of osteoporosis, which is one of the most severe decaf coffee side effects.
* Hence, if you have a regular cup of coffee, there can be 300 to 400 mg of caffeine consumed daily, that can double the risk of a hip fracture.
* Osteoporosis can also occur due to low bone density, which is a result of these chemicals present in decaf coffee.
* The high amounts of acidity, increase the risk of developing osteoporosis. Some other decaf coffee side effects are Glaucoma, rheumatoid arthritis, organ damage and cancer.
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